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Let's Talk About - Seamless Brand Presence

  • Where we are still falling a bit short is seeing the thread between the different media and grasping the potential that lies there. An online car ad might inspire a customer to visit a dealer showroom, while another customer might test a laptop in person before buying it cheaper online.

  • This isn't about reinventing a whole new system, but rather connecting and leveraging existing initiatives to amplify both reach and conversion. The trick is creating a nonstop loop of activation that can exponentially multiply the ROI of your efforts in both worlds.

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  • Businesses are starting to understand this, and forward-thinking marketers are using tools to create a consistent brand experience between their print, social, mobile and Web campaigns. This kind of connection can drive an intensified impact across the entire marketing ecosystem and provide insight into how each channel, campaign and strategy influences one another.

  • Marketers can capitalize on that feeling of a seamless brand presence to drive a stronger interaction between online and offline channels. What's needed is a marketing system that integrates offline display promotions and print advertising with digital marketing such as paid ads, banners and social media posts.